Yellow Fluorescent Saddle Bag

This yellow fluorescent saddle bag is handmade in England from top quality leather with classic nickel silver buckles and detailed hand stitching, this bag is sure to get you noticed with its brilliantly bright color and luminous finish.
External dimensions
Bag Size Small Large
Width 23.5cm 29.5cm
Height* 19cm 22cm
Depth 7cm 7cm
*height doesn't include handle
Strap length
Special Instructions
If your bag gets wet, please allow it to dry naturally; do not apply direct heat. Our Nano Pro spray is perfect for adding a waterproof layer to the leather and our Delicate Cream can be used periodically to keep it looking as good as new.

Start off the new year in a blast of color with our new range of fluorescent saddle bags. A new take on the traditional satchel design, this saddle bag is just the right size to take anywhere and the hot neon colors work with any outfit. This unique looking bag is a must have to brighten up your year.

This yellow fluorescent saddle bag is handmade from top quality leather with detailed hand stitching and silver nickel fixings.

Our saddle bags are now also available in a slightly larger size, perfect if you are worrying about fitting in all of your essentials.

Fluorescent Saddle Bag Size Comparison

Now available in two sizes