Lifetime Guarantee

All of our bags are made to last a lifetime and we are dedicated to ensuring that they do! We believe so strongly in the quality of our products that we guarantee all of our bags and if there ever is a problem with your bag we will repair it for you free of charge.

Please note: as leather is a natural product and does absorb water if wet, which can led to damage, we highly recommend you waterproof your Zatchels bag to help protect it.

What does the Lifetime Guarantee mean?

We make very sure that all of our bags are perfect when they leave the factory, unfortunately sometimes faults arise over time. Stitching can work its way undone or a flaw in the leather may cause a strap or attachment to break. If this happens then you can send the bag back to us and we will repair it for you free of charge.

What bags are included in the Lifetime Guarantee?

Our satchels, saddle bags, barrel bags, duffels, micros… and any other bags we come up with in the future!

Samples and sample sale items are sold as seen and excluded from the lifetime guarantee.

Are accessories included?

The Lifetime Guarantee doesn’t apply to accessories such as wallets, belts etc. only bags are covered.

Do I need a receipt or any proof of purchase?

Yes you will need your original order number or receipt with proof of purchase.

You can find the bag ID number printed on a label inside the bag or on the certificate of authenticity that your bag came with.

What does the Lifetime Guarantee cover?

The Lifetime Guarantee covers anything that stops you being able to use your bag as a bag. A broken attachment that stops you doing the bag up is covered, whereas one that is showing wear from hundreds of openings and closings isn’t. Rivets coming out, straps or attachments breaking are all covered.

I bought a bag last week/month/year is it covered?

Yes, the Lifetime Guarantee covers all of our bags not just new ones.

What isn’t covered?

The Lifetime Guarantee doesn’t cover cosmetic wear to the leather of the bag or the surface treatment of the leather. Some of our bags that have a surface finish such as a metallic foil or cracked surface will wear over time, changing the look of the bag. This wear is cosmetic and doesn’t affect the integrity of the bag itself so isn’t covered by the guarantee.

It also doesn’t cover any damage to the bag as a result of misuse or water damage. As all of our bags are made from genuine leather it is important to protect the surface with a waterproofer and avoid the bag getting excessively wet. Using the bag while the leather is wet may lead to extensive damage to the leather itself. Similarly if you spill paint on your bag or your dog chews a hole in it we won’t be able to help!

How do I return my bag?

Firstly get in touch with our repair department at and provide as much information as you can about the issue with your bag including photos. They will be able to confirm if the issue is covered and how best to return your bag. To actually send the bag back to us we recommend sending it via a signed for service in case it doesn’t get to us and you need to track it. Make sure the bag is securely packed, preferably in a solid box to prevent it being damaged in the post.

Please ensure your bag is empty when you return it as we can’t be responsible for returning any stray contents!

Are the repairs free?

We perform all repairs free of charge. The only cost is the postage cost to us and a small charge for returning the bag back to once it has been repaired. Our repairs team will be able to let you know the exact cost for location when you contact them.

Will a repair make my bag good as new?

Repaired bags are subject to the quality checking process in the same way new ones are so your bag will be thoroughly checked before we return it to you. That said due to the nature of certain types of repairs and normal wear and tear, it is not always possible to return your bag to its original condition. If elements of the bag need replacing such as a new strap or replacement attachments we will always try and match the leather as closely as we can. If this isn’t possible, for instance if the bag is a discontinued product or limited edition we no longer have leather for, we will contact you with a suggested leather before performing the repair.

Who will be repairing my bag?

All repairs are done in our factory in Leicester by the same people who make all of our bags. Your bag might even be repaired by the same person who made it in the first place!