5 Tips For Creating & Keeping An Organised Handbag

Fed up of being unable to find things in your handbag? You’re certainly not alone, which is why we’ve put together the following tips for creating and maintaining an organised handbag. We know it’s all too easy for your favourite bag to become a bottomless pit of receipts and non-essential clutter. Fortunately, it’s easy to cut out the mess and make life a whole lot easier for yourself with the following organisational tips.

Empty the contents and declutter

The first step towards creating an organised handbag is to pull everything out and give the bag a good clean. That way you can separate the rubbish from the items that you actually need to keep. This is the chance to get rid of any pesky receipts and other rubbish you’ve accumulated, that prevents you from retrieving items quickly and easily. Think about the items that you actually use on a day to day basis and ditch the rest. There’s no point in carrying around redundant items for no reason. Clearing them out will quite literally lighten the load, and make running daily errands a whole lot smoother.

Group items together

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Once you’ve decided on the items you’re going to be keeping, group similar items together. For example, put all cosmetic items in a pile together and all cards and cash in a separate pile. This will allow you to store like minded items in your bag in groups so that they are easy to retrieve. Most handbags should have compartments, like our Zatchels handmade leather bags, so that you can organise your belongings systematically, and this brings us on nicely to our next point.

Choose a handbag with compartments

If you’re prone to having a messy handbag (which let’s face it, a lot of us are!), always opt for a handbag with compartments over bags that have no structure. Compartments allow you to organise items by group, so that you know how to retrieve belongings quickly at all times. Knowing the importance of being able to keep an organised handbag, Zatchels handmade leather satchels are formed of a spacious inner compartment, with a quick access front compartment and card-holder pocket. This allows you to keep items in place and access most used items such as your cards and phone, quickly and without any hassle.

Get a clip keychain

Another of our favourite tips for creating an organised handbag is to attach your keys to the inside of your handbag strap using a clip key chain. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting home after a long day, and spending what feels like an age frantically searching through your bag to find your keys. That’s why you always want to prioritise making your keys easily accessible to yourself. If you have lots of different keys for home, work, etc., it’s also a great idea to separate them and put them on different keychains. That way you can just take out the keys that you need for the day and leave the others safely at home.

Tidy up your handbag once a week

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All the tips that we’ve mentioned so far in this blog will help you create an organised handbag, however half the battle is keeping it like this. In order to help you keep your handbag organised, we recommend that you clear it out once a week. As much as the tips that we’ve mentioned will certainly help to prevent mess accumulating, through the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life it’s easy for items to fall out of place. So, by having a quick tidy of your handbag at the end of each week and clearing out any rubbish, you’ll prevent mess from accumulating, and create an organised handbag for the start of the next week.

We hope these tips on how to organise your handbag will have you well on your way to feeling more organised and stress free. For more information on any of our Zatchels bags, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.