6 Simple Ways To Create More Colourful Outfits

Bored of wearing black all the time? You’re not the only one! Pairing colourful outfits can feel a little daunting which is why so many of us tend to stick to black or muted tones. However, with a few simple tricks, it’s easy to introduce a splash of colour into your wardrobe and start stepping out in more colourful outfits. The following tips are aimed at inspiring you to wear more colour, and most importantly, to wear it with confidence!

Select shades from the same palette

If you’re not used to wearing colourful outfits then a great way to start is by selecting shades from the same colour palette. If you’re a little apprehensive about creating colourful outfits that actually go together, then sticking to the same colour palette is a guaranteed trick for creating stylish, cohesive looks. For example, if you’re wanting to go for a pink look, choose items in shades such as fuchsia, bubblegum and magenta.

Buy some colourful shoes

Woman With Yellow Shoes Lying On Grass

Wearing a colourful shoe is an easy way to introduce a pop of colour into your outfit and add some flair to plainer, everyday looks. Why not wear a daring red heel with a black dress or put on some colourful sneakers with jeans and a t-shirt? Whether your outfit is formal or casual, a great shoe can completely transform your look from drab to fab.

Explore coloured neutrals

When we think of neutral colours we typically think of beige, ivory, taupe, grey and black. There are however many brighter neutrals that can be used to create a more colourful outfit without going straight to block primary colours (although we do also love this in a look). Opting for colourful neutrals such as aubergine or pale blue instead of grey or beige is a subtle way to create more colourful outfits without going overboard.

Choose a colourful handbag

Woman Walking Across The Street Carrying Zatchels Handmade Leather Handbags.

One of the easiest ways to create a colourful outfit is to add colourful accessories. A statement handbag can make a look, and wearing a bright handbag will instantly lift an outfit and make it more fun. With this in mind, all our Zatchels bags are available in a range of colours from pastel pink to grass green to daffodil yellow. Something like the Zatchels Aura handbag in coral or the Zatchels barrel bag in red will effortlessly add a pop of colour to your everyday look. For a full collection dedicated to fun and colour, our Pastel Kaleidoscope range is also worth checking out.

Say yes to statement jewellery

No outfit is complete without the right jewellery and if you’re looking to create a colourful outfit then statement pieces that are big on colour are a fantastic way to complete your look. If you’re wearing all neutrals then adding a chunky necklace or some big earrings that are made from bright colours will transform your whole look and make you feel great in the process.

Use pattern

Two women Wearing Patterned Dresses in Nature
Pair a colourful patterned top with your favourite pair of denim jeans and you've got yourself a chic looking colourful outfit. Introducing an element of pattern to your look, such as a patterned t-shirt or jacket is an easy way to make your everyday look a whole lot more interesting. Choosing patterns that include a splash of colour will easily brighten any outfit with little fuss or hassle.

We hope these simple tricks will help you on your way to a more colourful wardrobe. When it comes to creating colourful outfits, at the end of the day it’s all about wearing looks with confidence and wearing the colours that make you feel happy and energised!