Bag Trends 2024: The Fashions You Need To Know

It’s that time of year again. 2023 is very nearly over, and we can’t stop thinking about what the new year might have in store. 2024 is set to be another great year for fashion, but if you’re anything like us then you’ll have your eyes cast firmly on everything going on in the accessories department. Sitting proudly at the very top of our wishlist is a new bag and we can’t wait to see the following bag trends 2024.

Oversized Totes

The oversized tote is starting off strong in 2024, and we couldn’t be happier about it. These roomy, versatile bags are not only stylish but also highly practical. Whether you’re a student, a commuter, or a busy parent, an oversized tote effortlessly accommodates all of your essentials while being exceptionally easy to sling onto your shoulder and go. Keep an eye out for structured and durable tote bags that turn this 2024 bag trend into a long-term love affair.

Micro Bags

On the opposite end of the spectrum, micro bags are sitting firm when it comes to the latest bag trends. These adorable accessories embrace the ‘less is more’ mantra and pack a punch that will complete your 2024 looks. Whether you’re looking for a bag that’s perfect for a night out or prefer the minimalist look, a micro bag can do it all. We think our micro satchels are the perfect way to embrace the micro bag trend, offering a unique and compact twist on a classic and timeless satchel design that can complement any style.


Sustainability is finally having its moment and we hope that moment is here to stay. From recycled plastics to organic cotton, 2024 bag trends will see ethical and environmental fabrics incorporated into bag designs in more ways than ever before. Shoppers will be turning their back on fast fashion and shining the spotlight on production processes too. Look out for brands that show a genuine commitment to crafting eco-friendly bags, whether that’s through their supply chain choices or handmade and long-lasting quality products.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Pockets are making a triumphant return to bags this year, and it’s not just about aesthetics; the dominance of pockets set to characterise 2024 bag trends is a true celebration of functionality. Whether packed onto the front of a satchel or built into a trusty backpack, the re-emergence of pockets signals a shift towards practical fashion. Not only will this trend make it even easier to have your keys, phone and purse within an arm’s reach at all times, but the utilitarian style will also go perfectly with your favourite pair of cargo trousers or boxy jacket.

Round Bags

It’s not just practicality that’s powering through in 2024. Upcoming trends will see round bags have their time to shine, bringing a playful and unconventional twist to your casual looks. From crossbody bags with a rounded touch to completely circular clutches, these versatile pieces will add a refreshing finish to any outfit. Whether part of casual daywear or dressed up for evening elegance, a round bag will be a must-have for anybody looking to stand out and experiment with different shapes as part of their 2024 wardrobe.

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