How To Create Your Personalised Handbag With Zatchels

Making new additions to your wardrobe is always exciting, but there’s nothing quite like bringing home your very own personalised handbag. This is something that’s completely unique to you, and suits your individual style down to a tee. You may have heard that we provide a whole range of different personalisation options for our Zatchels handbags. This is more than just gossip! Personalising your Zatchels handbag is quick & easy with just a few clicks (literally!). Before we delve into how to build your personalised handbag, let’s take a quick peek at the customisation options that are available. 


Fancy seeing your initials engraved on your next handbag? Or perhaps you’d like to send a personal gift to a loved one? Whether picking out a well earned treat to yourself, or sending a unique gift to someone special, you can add up to 30 characters of text on the inside of the bag, in a font of your choice. On selected bags, like the classic satchel, you can also add engraving to the outside, with room for up to 15 characters of text. Engraving costs just £10 to add onto the price of the bag.

classic satchel in red with engraving option on the front of the bag

Shorter Strap

We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the visual appearance of our handmade leather bags, however comfort and functionality are just as important to us. That’s why you can purchase your Zatchels bag with a shortened strap if you feel this will be more comfortable and practical for you to wear. How you decide to wear your personalised handbag is entirely your choice, whether that’s cross-body, on the shoulder or carried as a clutch. The option of adding a shorter strap is there for free should you require it.

close up of person wearing saddle bag in black cross-body

These are the personalisation options available for our handbags, including the micro and midi satchels, however our classic satchels offer a few more personalisation options of their own. These are:

Magnetic Fastenings

Some people find it more convenient to secure their bag with magnetic fastenings rather than buckles. That’s why we’ve ensured our customers can add magnetic fastenings to their handmade leather satchel for an extra £6. This doesn’t change the timeless look of the Satchel - the silver nickel buckle detailing will still be seen at the front of the bag, just with practical magnetic clasps placed subtly underneath.

handmade leather satchel in brown with magnetic fastenings

Satchel Handle

All our handmade leather satchels feature a detachable, adjustable strap that enables users to wear the bag cross-body or on the shoulder, by adjusting the strap to suit their requirements. However, you may also like the option to carry the bag to the side, or as a briefcase style. If you would like this option, we can hand stitch a matching leather carry handle to the top of the bag for a cost of £10, to provide you with even more flexibility. 

assortment of classic satchels in different colours with carry handles on the top

Strap Slider

Comfort is a key consideration to make when searching for the right personalised handbag, particularly if you’ll be carrying it all day, such as for work or school. The straps of our satchels are made using soft, fine quality leather, making them incredibly comfy in their own right. However, to add that little bit of extra padding to your shoulders, you can add a strap slider for just £6. This is particularly useful for handmade leather handbags that will be worn for lots of walking around town or to and from work. 

close up of strap slider in red leather

Backpack Straps

Don’t want to carry your belongings on your shoulder all day? The option to add backpack straps to your satchel for an extra £20, provides plenty of versatility for wearing the bag as a backpack or as a  regular satchel - you can mix it up as and when you choose. This is particularly helpful if you want to use the satchel as a leather satchel backpack for the working week, and then use it as a regular satchel for the weekend (or vice versa!).

classic satchel in pastel blue with backpack straps attached

Our original handmade leather city backpacks also include the option of adding a shorter strap, slider strap or magnetic fastenings. 

So, those are all the options that are available, but how do you build your dream personalised handbag with Zatchels? Luckily, this is nice and easy, and involves just 4 simple steps. 

1. Choose Your Handbag

First things first, you need to decide what style of handbag you’d like to go for. There are plenty of different designs to choose from in the Zatchels collection, and so make sure to take your time choosing the perfect fit for you. From classic satchels to contemporary clutch bags, saddle bags and barrel bags, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for a smart work bag or a funky going out bag. 

2. Click “Want To Personalize Your Bag?”

When you click on the bag you’d like to purchase, it’ll take you to the product page. Here you’ll be able to choose a range of colour options, and size options if you’re buying a classic satchel. Underneath the colour and sizing selection you’ll see a button that says “Want To Personalize Your Bag?”. Click on this and the personalisation options for that particular design will drop down. 

3. Select The Options You Want

Next, you simply need to click “yes” to the personalisation options you’d like. If you’re adding engraving, you’ll be asked to type your message into a small box provided, and to select the font. Once you’re happy with the options you’ve made for your personalised handbag, click “Add To Cart” and your changes will be saved. 

4. Proceed To Checkout

If you’ve finished shopping you can simply click “Checkout” to complete payment and shipping details for your order. From there, your personalised handbag will be custom made and shipped directly to your door!

If you need any help at all building your personalised handbag, or would like to add further customisations to your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.