How To Style A Fashion Backpack: Top 4 Style Ideas

A high-quality backpack is unrivalled by any other type of bag - they’re convenient, sophisticated and multi-functional. A fashion backpack is not only stylish but also practical! Packed full of separate pockets for laptops or tablets, and safe spaces for your valuables, a fashion rucksack allows you to stay organised. Whether you’re looking for a commuter essential or a trendy accessory, Zatchels’ range of extensive colours and styles means there is a backpack for every outfit or scenario.

The best bit? A fashion backpack is fantastic value for money because it perfectly complements so many fashion styles. If you invest in a convertible fashion rucksack, you can switch it up! Looking for a cross-body bag or an ergonomic two-strap design? - they can do it all. These are just a few of our favourite ways to style your handmade leather backpack.

On Two Shoulders

If you’re looking for convenience and comfort, the classic way to style your fashion backpack will be your go to. Women’s fashion backpacks are traditionally designed with two straps for good reason; when carrying heavier items like laptops and tablets on your commute to work or school, ensure you utilise both shoulder straps. By doing this you’re preventing shoulder pain and evenly distributing the weight across your whole back.

But don’t worry! They can also look sophisticated and modern. If you’re styling a professional, preppy look, opt for a structured leather backpack in a monochrome colour with small touches of silver nickel for a luxurious feel. If you’d prefer to rock a more sporty, relaxed look, opt for a slouchy, oversized style or a bold and colourful design.

woman wearing handmade leather backpack in iced coffee

On One Shoulder

The most popular way to style your fashion rucksack has to be on one shoulder. This style can be achieved two ways; create an off-duty, casual look by slinging your traditional backpack over your shoulder or adapting your adjustable fashion backpack into a classic shoulder bag for easy access to your personal belongings.

For Autumn and Winter, a warm brown shoulder bag pairs perfectly with a streamlined wool coat, jeans and a plain white tee for the ultimate casual chic outfit. For Spring and Summer, we love to opt for soft pastel shades that perfectly complement small design details on our favourite summer dresses.

woman wearing Pride handmade leather backpack on one shoulder

Handbag Style

Elegant, classic and sophisticated are just a few words to describe this style; simply remove the strap from your fashion rucksack and carry it by the handle to dress up any outfit. Perfect for weddings and special occasions, wearing your fashion backpack on the fold of your arm adds a luxurious touch to any look and now with Zatchels’ monogram service you can feel even more opulent with your initials stamped in gold on the front of your bag.

We especially love this look with a miniature fashion backpack for women, or a small leather satchel - adorable!

person carrying handmade leather backpack in yellow

Across Your Body

Achieve dimension, depth and a pop of colour by wearing your fashion backpack across your body with your adjustable strap detail. Ideally, your crossbody bag should hit just above the hip for easy access to your belongings and styling proportions. Crossbody bags tend to look better with looser, more relaxed silhouettes - tapered trousers are a perfect match. 

The great thing about our leather backpacks, is that the detachable strap offers plenty of flexibility for a range of style choices. This is also a great way to pair your fashion backpack with work outfits, if you don't want to wear it on your back, and want to mix it up a little bit instead!

product image showing strap and nickel detailing on back of handmade leather backpack in red on a white background