How To Style A Neutral Handbag: 5 Easy But Stylish Outfit Ideas

Neutral handbags are timeless additions to any wardrobe. That’s why we’re such big fans of them at Zatchels. Whilst we love our colourful handbags, we have plenty of neutral options that are designed to perfectly complement your favourite outfit. Our neutral handbag options include, white, black, iced coffee and cream to name just a few. If you’re a little stuck for inspiration with regards to styling your neutral handbag, the following guide is here to help!. From casual everyday looks to more formal showstoppers, these are just a few of our favourite outfits to pair with a neutral handbag:

Black leather handbag with white trousers and black sweater

You can pair a black leather handbag with pretty much anything and that’s the beauty of owning a neutral handbag. However, one of our favourite ways to style a black bag is by pairing it with white trousers and a black sweater to create a sophisticated monochrome look. You can dress this look up by wearing black heels, or keep it casual with a neutral pair of trainers. The sharpness of this look is perfectly completed by adding a long, tailored black jacket and our Sugarcube bag in black leather.

Cream handbag with brown plaid skirt and black knitted jumper

Cream looks gorgeous when paired with other warm neutrals such as taupe, beige or light brown. We’re particularly big fans of pairing this type of neutral bag with soft browns. The two colours complement each other perfectly, working together to create a soft and cosy look. Choosing a plaid skirt is an easy way to add a subtle hint of pattern to this outfit, whilst wearing a knitted jumper on your top half, helps to incorporate pattern. This is a particularly great look for the autumn season when paired with chunky knitted tights and ankle boots.

Grey handbag with khaki shirt dress and boots

A grey neutral handbag pretty much goes with any other colour, however one of our favourite colour pairings has to be grey and khaki green. The two muted shades perfectly offset each other and provide the best combination for creating a relaxed everyday look. We love pairing our handmade leather satchel in grey with a khaki shirt dress for a smart casual work look, or as a fun outfit for running errands. This outfit looks great when finished with a pair of black lace up ankle boots.

Beige handbag with red and white floral maxi dress

Beige doesn’t have to mean boring. It always looks great pairing a beige neutral handbag with other understated tones for a sophisticated and confident look. However, a great way to add more fun to your beige accessories is to wear them with patterned clothing. One of the most epic combinations involves pairing this type of neutral blag with a red floral maxi dress. The two colour palettes offset each other beautifully, whilst the subtle tones of the neutral handbag let the floral print do all the talking.

White handbag bag with white shirt and pink chinos

A white neutral handbag adds a clean and sharp finish to any outfit. The sleek style of a white clutch bag makes a particularly sophisticated statement when paired with the right clothing. With this in mind, one of our top ways to style a white neutral handbag is by pairing a white clutch with soft pink chinos and a white shirt. The pink chinos add a splash of colour to this tailored look, whilst perfectly complementing the white colour of the shirt and the bag. This is a powerful look that’s well suited for work or for smart casual evening occasions.

These are just a few of our favourite ways to wear a neutral handbag, however there are plenty more outfit options you can experiment with. Remember that neutral doesn’t have to mean bland. In fact a neutral handbag gives you the freedom to experiment with colour and pattern in the rest of your outfit, and so don’t be afraid to embrace statement looks!