How To Style A Sage Green Handbag

Sage green is everywhere at the moment, bringing timeless and neutral tones to all kinds of outfits and spaces. When we saw the sage green trend coming, we jumped at the chance to welcome its versatility to our range of handmade leather bags and are delighted to have added a selection of sage green handbags to the Zatchels family.

To celebrate our new sage green collection, we’ve collated our top styling tips in this article. From adding cool tones to a monochrome look to keeping things light and fresh by pairing with denim, neutral is certainly not boring where sage green is concerned. Read on to discover how to add the colour of the moment to your next look. 

Mix Up Monochrome

A monochrome base is the perfect starting point if you’re not sure what to wear with a sage green handbag. While sage green doesn’t pop against black or white in the same way as a bright green handbag, the earthy tones enhance the sleek nature of monochromes and create a sleek look. We particularly love pairing our sage green sugarcube handbag with a long black coat to add a trendy and statement touch to an otherwise classic outfit. 

Add Nuance To Neutrals

The beauty of sage green is that its neutral nature compliments a wide range of other neutral colours like whites, greys and browns. Whereas these colours can easily feel understated and dull on their own, a sage green handbag can lift the outfit and transcend the seasonal mood. Whether you’re embracing the transition into Spring with a white t-shirt or harnessing autumn earthy tones, the addition of a sage green handbag completes the neutral look. 

Pair With Spring Pastels

If you can’t resist a burst of colour, a sage green handbag is the perfect finishing touch. Sage green and pastels are particularly complementary and make for a fun and playful springtime combination. These soft tones add energy to any outfit and are a great choice if you’re not quite ready to commit to the block colours that characterise the summer. You could even pair your new bag with pastel accessories like our violet coin purse to complete a subtly vibrant look. 

Enhance Your Denim

There are only a few colours that denim doesn’t go with, but sage green is right up there when it comes to what goes best with denim. Add our classic sage green satchel to any jeans ensemble for days out, or pop the sage green backpack over your favourite denim jacket for colour and convenience. If you want to use your sage green handbag to create a casual look then denim is most definitely the way to go.

Emphasise Floral Prints

Given that sage green is such a versatile colour, it also works well when balancing bold and daring prints. We particularly love the combination of florals with a sage green handbag for an effortlessly stylish springtime outfit, so grab your favourite skirt, blouse or jacket and add a sprinkle of sage green magic. You’re guaranteed to look effortlessly stylish.