Zatchels 2021 Guide To Packing For UK City Breaks & Staycations

Planning a short staycation this year? We certainly don’t blame you! Luckily, packing for your next UK city break doesn’t need to be a stressful affair. When you’re only going away for a few nights you don’t need heavy luggage weighing you down. The trick is to keep things light and organised, here’s how….

Plan Your Outfits

Rather than packing a random array of different clothing items, pack 2 or 3 complete outfits depending on the length of your stay. Think about the activities you’ll be doing and plan your outfit for each day accordingly. If you’re going to spend the majority of your UK city break out and about exploring, you’ll want comfortable clothing to walk around in, and a couple of outfits for the evening. If you’re struggling to decide which clothes to pack, think about the pieces that will be the most versatile. Outfits that you can wear from day to night are ideal for reducing the amount of clothes you need to pack whilst making it easy for you to stay out from morning until night without having to go back and change.

Woman Standing on a Bridge In London With A Zatchels Handbag

Comfy Shoes Are A Must

Walking is an inevitable part of any UK city break and the last thing you want is to deal with sore feet when you’re trying to have a good time. Comfort is everything when it comes to choosing what shoes to pack for a city break, and in this case trainers will be your saviour. There are so many different fashion trainers available meaning that looks don’t have to be sacrificed by comfort. Brands like Adidas, Nike, and New Balance, offer a range of great looking footwear options that are perfect for keeping your feet comfy and supported during your next UK city break. Trainers work well with most outfits meaning you’ll only need to throw in a pair of smarter evening shoes if you want to.

Bring A Daypack

When you’re out and about exploring, you want to be able to carry the essentials like phone, wallet and water with you. For a UK city break, a backpack makes life so much easier by allowing you to carry all the essentials comfortably and hands free. The Zatchels handmade leather backpack is designed specifically for city dwellers, making it an ideal option for your next UK city break. Available in a range of designs from pastel pink to classic chestnut brown, these handmade leather bags are fitted with detachable straps allowing them to be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag. They are also fitted with secure silver nickel buckles so that you don’t need to worry about your belongings being kept secure when you’re enjoying your time in town.

Woman standing on steps holding a brown Zatchels Satchel

Check The Weather

As much as we’d like to, unfortunately in the UK we can never rely upon the weather. When packing for a UK city break you’ll always want to pack a waterproof jacket just in case of the (likely) event you’ll get caught in a shower at some point. A lightweight rain mac will do for the spring/ summer months and will take up no space at all in your bag. If you’re travelling in the winter, obviously you may need a heavier coat particularly if you’re visiting Scotland or northern England. Whenever you’re planning to take a UK city break, checking the weather will always help you streamline your packing- if it’s looking like it’s going to be glorious sunshine, leave out the knitted jumpers, this will free up a lot of space for other essentials!

Leave Some Extra Space

During your UK city break you may want to do some shopping and so it’s always a good idea to leave a little extra room in your bag in case you want to bring a few things home with you. Hopefully, by trying out the above tips this shouldn’t be too tricky, however if you are concerned about space, you could always bring a larger handbag such as a shopper or tote bag. This will give you that little bit of extra room to deal with any overflow from your main bag and it’s also useful to have a shopper if you’re staying in self -catered accommodation where you’ll need to buy groceries.