Zatchels Bag Spotlight: Little Horrors Halloween Handbags

One thing is for certain this year, and that is the events that us Brits know and love will not go ahead in the same way as previous years. Unfortunately, Halloween is no exception. Instead, we all have to find new ways to celebrate important occasions as we adapt to this new way of life. This is what stemmed the creation of our limited edition Halloween bags here at Zatchels with our ‘Little Horrors’ collection (and of course of love for Halloween!) This Zatchels bag collection consists of four different and very unique barrel bags that are the perfect way to add a hint of colour and happiness to compliment your spooky Halloween look.

Fiend Horror Handmade Leather Novelty Handbag

Fiend Horror Handmade Leather Novelty Handbag
The first novelty handbag in the spotlight is our Fiend horror handmade leather handbag. In a blood-red colour, this handmade leather bag is created from premium quality leather and features a happy monster face with wonderfully large eyes, a devilish grin and tiny feet for an extra quirky touch. We can guarantee that this bag is a show stopper and will become the centre point of any outfits - no matter what your taste and style is.

Whilst also being super fun and stylish, this bag is crafted with hand stitching, a magnetic fastening and an adjustable strap; this unique barrel bag stands out and is the ideal item for any fan. This bag is also available to be engraved for just an extra £10, which you can choose to be engraved in the inside out your novelty bag or outside. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your Halloween handbag.

Trudge Horror Handmade Leather Novelty Handbag

Trudge Horror Handmade Leather Novelty Handbag
The next addition to Zatchels Halloween novelty handbag collection is our Trudge horror handmade leather novelty handbag. This pretty pink handbag is quirky in style with one large eye taking centre stage and large pointy ears at the top of the barrel bag and monster feet protruding from the bottom.

As all of our handbags are created by hand from Leather, all of our measurements are approximate, but the dimensions are: Width: 16cm, Height: 16cm, Depth: 10.5cm. This is the perfect day to day bag and even a trick or treating bag.

The Trudge horror handbag comes along with an adjustable strap from 108cm to 130cm and also a shorter adjustable strap from 98cm to 110cm, making this bag both practical and stylish.

Radar Horror Handmade Leather Handbag

Radar Horror Handmade Leather Novelty Handbag
Our Radar Horror bag is one of the cutest in the collection and is perfect if you are looking for a spooky bag with a quirky spin on it. The radar horror bag comes in a zesty orange colour with oversized piercing baby blue eyes. The small button nose adds to the cute feel of the novelty bag, whilst contrasted against the spikey teeth to show that this bag can not be overlooked! Again, it would not be a Halloween handbag without the addition of monster feet and ears to finish the look.

Socket Horror Handmade Leather Handbag

Socket Horror Handmade Leather Novelty Handbag
Our final edition to our handbag is the Socket Horror handmade leather handbag, this three-eyed little horror handbag is the perfect balance between spooky and fun. The deep purple leather exterior is beautifully handcrafted by craftspeople using only traditional techniques. Our bags are made to last a lifetime and we are dedicated to ensuring that they do! We believe so strongly in the quality of our products that we guarantee all of our bags and if there ever is a problem with your bag we will repair it for you free of charge.