Zatchels Bag Spotlight: The Animal Handbag Collection

If you’re a fan of animals we can be sure you’ll love Zatchels collection of animal bags, with a host of animals available in our animal handbag collection, there is something for everyone.

The super fun animal handbags are a cool way of bringing colour and sass to your outfit and are crafted with the highest quality leather by our team of craftspeople, creating a beautiful and unique style of handbag. With designer brands the likes of LOEWE creating animal handbags, check out Zatchels range of animal handbags available at a more affordable price, that doesn't compromise on the quality of materials or craftsmanship.

Foxy Fox

Foxy Fox Handmade Leather Animal handbag

Our Foxy Fox animal handbag is a great style for autumn thanks to the burnt orange and cream colourways that are often associated with the autumn season and would look perfect paired with an all-black outfit. Although, what looks like a petite-sized bag from the outside, the barrel-shaped animal bag allows for you to fit a fair amount in thanks to the wider capacity at the base.

Featuring the delicate Zatchels hand stitching on the appliqued leather face this really brings the face of the fox to life.

Polly Pig

Polly Pig Handmade Leather Animal Handbag

Looking to buy a novelty handbag? The Polly Pig handmade leather bag in our animal handbag selection is bound to not only impress you from the hard work that has been put into making the bag, but also impress any little ones that have a renowned love of Peppa Pig. The colours on this animal handbag are very well suited to the spring and summer months, thanks to the pastel pink leather that the barrel bag possesses.

Jack Rabbit / Pastel Kaleidoscope Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit Handmade Leather Animal Bag

For any rabbit lovers out there, we have a few options in our animal handbag collection for you. So if you’re wanting a classic neutral toned animal handbag then the Jack Rabbit Leather Bag would be the best option for you, as it features the beige and white colours which create a more natural and realistic feel. Alternatively, you have the Pastel Kaleidoscope Jack Rabbit bag, which brings with it such a cool and fun style.

Pastel Jack Rabbit Handmade Leather Animal Bag

In order to achieve this style, each panel of the bag has had to be cut from different premium pastel leather to create the kaleidoscope of colour on this unique bag. So you can be sure that as with any bag from Zatchels a whole host of hard work has gone into creating the bag that you purchase. Additionally, the white hand stitching used on this bag really sets off the style of the novelty bag and makes each colour and part of the bag stand out from the crowd.

Farley Owl / Hoot Owl

Hoot Owl Handmade Leather Animal Bag

We absolutely love our two owl style handbags at Zatchels as they have so much personality to them. Unlike any of the other animal handbags in the collection currently, the Hoot Owl bag, is the only one that features feet at the base of the bag along with that and the large bright orange eyes, this creates a truly realistic representation of an owl. Suitable for both adults and children, this bag is sure to get some wonderful compliments.

Farley Owl Handmade Leather Animal Bag

Similar to its counterpart the Farley Owl bag is great for anyone who is looking for a bold novelty bag that stands out from the rest of their collection, still featuring the owl applique face for all the owl lovers.

Kitty Cat / Chester Cat

Kitty Cat Handmade Leather Animal Bag

If you or your little one is obsessed with cats, then you’ll love the Zatchels Kitty Cat and Chester Cat handmade leather bags. The quality of the leather on the handmade leather bags and the rest of the collection looks really smart, and with both of our cat-themed animal handbags in a black and white colourway, they will match any outfit.

Chester Cat Handmade Leather Animal Bag

These are just some of the animal handbags in the collection at Zatchels, so if you like the look of these but are perhaps looking for a different animal, check out the rest of the range to see if you can find the animal that you’re looking for.

As with all of our handmade leather bags, the animal handbags are also available to be engraved and personalised with any words or numbers special to you. Perhaps you may be buying one of our animal handbags for a child’s birthday, why not engrave it with their birth date, so in years to come they will always remember the bag they got for their birthday.