All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly as each bag is handmade from  real leather.

Saddle bag external dimensions:

Small Saddle - Width: 23.5cm, Height: 19cm, Depth: 7cm.

Large Saddle - Width: 29.5cm, Height: 22cm, Depth: 7cm.

Saddle bag Internal dimensions:

Small Saddle - Width: 16cm, Height: 15cm, Depth: 5cm

Large Saddle - Width: 22cm, Height: 18.5cm, Depth:  5.5cm

Adjustable strap up to 135cm . Shorter adjustable strap up to 115cm.

Twistlock Saddle  External Dimensions: Width 22cm, Height 20cm, Depth 7cm with detachable strap adjustable from 110-125 cm Internal Dimensions: Width 20cm, Depth 7cm, Height: 17cm

Pushlock Saddle : External Dimensions: Width 23.5cm, Height 19cm, Depth 7cm with fixed crossbody strap up to 135cm.