10 Everyday Work Bag Essentials For The 2021 Office Worker

Following the recent government, it seems as though many of us will be heading back into the office if we have not already. It has been a while, hasn’t it? We have certainly forgotten all of the everyday work bag essentials, so we gathered many of you will have too. Here is our guide on finding the perfect work bag for you and also all of the work bag essentials you should be carrying daily.

What Makes A Good Work Bag?

Prior to the madness we are currently in, you’ll remember that our work bags actually get more use out of any other bags that we own. This is why it is really important that you find the perfect one for you. So, what makes a good work bag? The key to a good day-to-day work bag is finding something that is practical, good quality and more importantly looks nice. In that case, we would highly recommend one of our Zatchels leather backpacks or leather laptop satchels. Both bags are handmade in England from the finest quality leather, using expert craftsmanship to give you the hand-stitched bag of your dreams. This makes the leather satchels and satchel backpacks extra sturdy and provides a real wow factor.

Purchasing a work bag is all about finding a bag you can wear every day with pride and you know is reliable too. At Zatchels, we want all of our customers to adore their bags as much as we do, which is why all of our handmade leather handbags and handmade leather work bags are available in multiple colours for you to choose from.

Zatchel Handmade Leather Satchel Laptop Bags in Purple, Yellow and Green

Work Bag Essentials

Now we know what a good work bag looks like, it is time to start thinking about what you should put in it...

1. Spare Stationery

Every office has a mystery pen eater - where do they all go? We would also suggest carrying multiple pens so that you do not get caught out when you really need one. Perhaps you could keep a mini pencil case with you one spare of everything including a ruler, highlighters, post-it notes and you can’t forget a mini stapler!

2. Portable Phone Charger / Laptop Charger

Think of your work bag as an office on the go so you can always be prepared with the work essentials you carry. We would also recommend carrying a portable phone charger and also a spare laptop charger so that you can always be prepared. Is there really anything worse than a flat phone or laptop battery when you are trying to work?

3. Mask & Hand Sanitiser

A mask and hand sanitiser is a staple in all of our handbags now, but they should be carried as work essentials too. This is really important to keep yourself and your colleagues safe.

4. Earphones

Sometimes all you need to do to hit a deadline for work is to put your headphones in and zone the office out. Always carry a spare of earphones with you, you’ll be surprised how handy they really are.

Earphones on a laptop
5. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a must-have in our opinion, they provide a great freshen up throughout the day and ensure you’ll never be feeling self-conscious after lunch!

6. Tissues

A small pack of tissues can be a lifesaver, whether you need to blow your nose, wipe up some of your split tea or coffee or even hand them out to coworkers in need. They are also great as they take up a limited amount of space, which at this point is starting to fill up with other work bag essentials.

7. Lip Balm & Hand Moisturiser

The inconvenience of having chapped lips and dry hands is not something we like here at Zatchels. We would always highly recommend carrying some lip balm and hand moisturiser around with you, mini versions of them work great and can be picked up at almost any supermarket or pharmacy depending on what your go-to is.

Woman Applying Moisturiser
8. Business Cards

After being cooped up for a year and having little to no chance of handing out business cards, the time has finally come to start handing them out again. Don’t forget them!

9. Snacks

It is human nature that some days we are more hungry than others and getting hangry in the office is not a pretty sight to see. Always remember to carry around a snack or energy bar with you - just in case.

10. Hair Brush & Spare Bobbles

We can’t predict the weather in the UK and it often seems that good weather=good hair day. If you have slightly misjudged the weather and your hair is not looking as good as it could, we would suggest carrying a small hairbrush in your work bag so you can stay looking fabulous throughout the day.