10 Handbag Essentials Every Woman Should Carry In 2021

Although as a nation we do not tend to get out much these days, when we do it is a momentous occasion - therefore it is even more important to prepare for when we do leave the house. Here are Zatchels ideas on things women must have in her handbag, handbag essentials if you were...

1. Card Holder

We are living in a time where paying cash is not the referred opinion when we are buying our essentials. This means that we need to remember to carry around our bundle of cards instead, which will include a variety of debit and credit cards, as well as the loyalty cards we ‘must’ have for all shops. For this, we would recommend a cardholder so that you can keep all of your cards safe and in one place.

2. Keys

This should always be top of the list for everyone, but somehow we can all forget and get locked out. This is your reminder to remember your keys! If you have a spare set, why not keep them in your handbag?

Keys left in a door

3. Hair Brush & Ties

Hair can become unruly throughout the day, mostly thanks to weather conditions. Therefore our tip is to carry a compact hairbrush and some hair ties in your bag so that you can always be prepared. You’ll never have to worry about frizzy and unruly hair whilst you are out again...

4. Lip Balm

Lip balm is a must on our list of handbag essentials if you are looking to avoid dry and chapped lips (at any time of the year) We would recommend opting for a stick so that you can avoid putting your finger, which will be carrying a whole host of germs, into a lip balm pot and then applying it to your lips.

5. Moisturiser

There could be 1000s of things a woman must have in her purse, but at Zatchels we would say that it is really important to carry moisturiser. Carrying a tube of all-over moisturiser comes in handy for dry patches on your hands, face, elbows or even feet. This is important whilst you are on the go so that you keep your skin feeling nice and fresh throughout your day.

6. A Pen & Paper

We’ve all been there when we are out in public and we need a pen and paper. Somehow you always think that you have one at the bottom of your handbag- but you don’t! Why not keep a small pad of paper or post-it notes and a pen so you know you definitely have them when you need them.

7. Hand Sanitiser & Mask

During current circumstances, carrying hand sanitiser and a mask is extremely important in keeping yourself and other people around in your community safe.

3 Covid Masks Piled on top of each other

8. Portable Charger

If we are being honest, we all spend too much time on our phones and the batteries seem to drain in the blink of an eye. This is what our next handbag essential is to carry a portable phone charger around with you. It may turn out that you only use it once a month, but it is important to carry a portable charger because one day you may really need it.

9. Medication & Plasters

When it comes to thinking of things a woman should carry in her handbag, we often think of items that are slightly materialistic and all but forget about medication and plasters! What medication you carry may vary depending on what you need your medication for, but carrying around a small amount of what you need is definitely a sensible option. Plasters are also a huge handbag essential, we definitely all underestimate how often our shoes may rub our fit, we have a minor cut or one of colleagues or friends needs a plaster!

10. An Umbrella

The great British weather which we all know (and love?) is unpredictable to say the least. That is why we would always recommend that you carry around a foldable umbrella. You’ll never have to worry about getting caught off guard and be soaked right through again.

Carrying around a whole host of handbag essentials means that you need a handbag which is both reliable and stylish. At Zatchels, we have a huge range of handmade leather handbags in various shapes, sizes and colours. No matter the occasion and no matter your style, you’re sure to find the perfect handbag within our collection.

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