12 Female Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram In 2021

In honor of International Women’s Day 2021, we have hand-picked 13 female fashion bloggers who all enfigure everything we love about both women and fashion! So, in no particular order, here they are...

1. Patricia Bright - @thepatriciabright

Patrica Bright is one of our favourite female fashion influencers, and we love her clean cut style and beautiful backdrops in all of her insta pics. She also has a whopping 2.9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she creates videos on fashion, hair and also general life advice.

Here's one of her (shorter) videos so you can see what she's about...

2. Robyn Taylor - @robyninstyle

Robyn Taylor is a great Instagram fashion influencer and our bargain queen of choice. We love seeing all of her fashion finds and how she accessories her monochrome looks with pops of colour (with our handmade leather handbags, for instance...).Robin Taylor of Robin In Style With a Zatchels mini satchel handbagPhoto Credit: @robyninstyle

Make sure you check out her blog, Robin In Style

Nadia Sawalha - @nadiasawalha

You can always rely on Nadia Sawalha to keep it real and teach us to love each and every inch of our body - whilst also putting a smile on your face! You may recognise Nadia from the popular ITV lunchtime chat show, Loose Women. We love to see all of her fashion videos with her #OOTDs - which is why she is one of our favourite fashion bloggers over 40.

Here's one of our favourite videos of Nadia from back in 2017 (we love an off-the-cuff Twitter Video) 

4. Patricia Batatas - @peexo

Patricia Batatas is a stunning fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty blogger/vlogger. She's been doing her thing since 2014 and has produced tonnes of fantastic content within that time. Her YouTube channel is updated weekly, and her Instagram is filled with loads of amazing photos (though it goes without saying that our favourites are the ones that feature our handmade leather handbags, of course). Fashion blogger, Peexo, carrying a Zatchels Handmade leather SugarCube handbackPhoto Credit: @peexo

Patricia also reviews the books she reads, so you know where to go if you're looking for a good read.

5 . Alicia Baily - @tiredasamother_ab

Alicia Baily may be a tired mother, but she always looks extra fabulous. The way Alicia blends comfort and style is effortless. If you are a new mum who loves fashion, @tiresasamother is an excellent follow.

@tiredasamother_ab, Alicia Baily, holding her baby
Photo Credit: @tiredasamother_ab

6. Amy Valentine - @amyvalentinex

Amy is an amazing fashion blogger/vlogger with an edge. She effortlessly rocks her vibrant pink hair and it is always great to see her bless our Instagram feeds with her latest new looks.

Here's a flavour of what you have in store should you follow Amy...

7. Jayde Pierce - @Jaydepierce

Jayde’s aesthetic and monochromatic style is second to none which is why we love her vibe. We also think that her love for accessories is almost as big as ours… Jayde also has a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of followers where she talks all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

8 .Carys Whitaker - @busybee.carys

Another one of favourite Instagram fashion influencers is Cary Whitaker - otherwise known as @busybee.carys. Carys' Instagram is all about loving and embracing your body and also has a fabulous fashion YouTube channel, which talks about her journey with struggling with anxiety and being body conscious. She also has recently launched a beautiful maternity clothing range with In The Style. Check out the reveal video! 

9. Elle Darby - @ElleDarby

Elle Darby is famously known for creating lifestyle and fashion videos on her YouTube channel. We have followed her journey from dressing for fitness and bodybuilding competitions - all the way through to he becoming a first-time mum! Elle has also created her own fashion brand, the Angelle Collection, which specialises in luxury loungewear for women of all shapes and sizes- which we love!

10. Louise Pentland - @louisepentland

Lousie Pentland is an OG female fashion blogger, we have seen her journey of being a mother of 2 and changes in her fashion as time goes on. Her colourful and playful dress sense adds a ‘sprinkle of glitter’ into our Instagram news feeds and everything she does for that matter! Just watch one of her videos to see what we mean...

11. Lisa Snowdon - @lisa_snowdon

Lisa Snowdon is another one of the best fashion bloggers over 40 that we know- her bright and fun fashion choices brighten up the room. If you admire Lisa’s fashion choices as much as us, you can see Lisa on ITV's This Morning for her style tips.

12. Mbaire Wangui - @mbairewangui

Mbaire Wangui is another one of our favourite female fashion bloggers here at Zatchels. She is a Scotland-based fashion blogger and we adore her fun and bright fashion sense. We would highly recommend taking a look at her fashion blog for some more style tips and inspiration.