5 Reasons A Zatchels Leather Backpack Is Perfect For Work

Finding a good work bag can be a difficult task. You need a bag that is practical and convenient, whilst still looking professional in appearance. This is where a Zatchels leather backpack comes in. Functional, comfortable and stylish, our handmade leather backpack couldn’t be better suited to the working day. Here’s why:

Keep your belongings organised

When heading into the office it’s important that you can keep your belongings organised and easily accessible throughout the day. Our leather backpacks are formed of a spacious inner compartment and a practical front compartment, allowing you to separate your belongings and organise them efficiently. There is also a card holder pocket at the front of the backpack which is perfect for storing the likes of business cards and travel cards.

Carry your laptop and/or tablet securely

The leather city backpack is perfect for carrying laptops or tablets up to 10 inches in size. The backpack is fastened using two sturdy nickel buckles at the front of the bag, so you can be confident that expensive electrical items will be kept secure when you’re travelling around. There will also be plenty of space leftover in the leather backpack to carry supporting electrical accessories, such as chargers, alongside all your other workday essentials.

Commute in comfort

The secure buckle fastening on the leather backpack is an important feature for keeping belongings secure when travelling on busy public transport. However that’s not the only reason this leather backpack is ideally suited for commuting to work. Comfortable adjustable straps made from soft, fine quality leather allow you to transport the essentials with ease and without any discomfort. Carrying weight on one shoulder all day can cause unnecessary strain and so it’s a much better option for your back to carry your workday belongings in a supportive backpack.

Be versatile

With the Zatchels leather city backpack, you do also have the option of wearing the backpack as a shoulder bag when you feel like doing so. The comfortable straps that we’ve just mentioned are in fact detachable, meaning you can rearrange them and wear the bag as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. This is perfect for days when you want to mix up your look, or if you're heading out for a social after work and want to transform your rucksack into more of an evening bag. All Zatchels backpacks are available in two sizes and perfectly suited as both women’s and men’s work bags.

Maintain a polished appearance

Another crucial aspect to look for in a work bag is a smart appearance. Handmade in England from fine quality leather, you can be sure that our leather backpacks deliver on style and professionalism. All our leather backpacks feature matching stitching and smart silver nickel buckles. They are available in a range of colours from classic chestnut, dark brown and black, to brighter tones such as pastel violet and green, as well as more muted tones such as iced coffee. The Zatchels Executive Handmade Leather City Backpack also benefits from smart leather grain detailing that accentuates the fine Scottish leather finish.

For further guidance finding the perfect leather backpack for work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today.