5 Reasons Zatchels Leather Shoulder Bags Are The Ideal Work Handbag

46% of UK workers have gone back to commuting to the office full-time since restrictions were lifted in May 2022. Since returning to our regular commute, we’ve all remembered the struggle of finding a good work handbag. It’s a big ask; handbags for work need to be roomy, sturdy and secure but also fashionable too.

We need our work handbag to do a little bit of everything: look professional but still stylish, accommodate gym sneakers and organise LOTS of miscellaneous items. It even needs to perfectly transition from a day in the office to drinks after work. Luckily for us, Zatchels Leather Shoulder Bag is the must-have ladies work handbag - here are five reasons why.

They're Versatile

If you’re looking for versatile handbags for work that are perfect for high-powered meetings in the morning and carefree drinks at night, you’ll love the Zatchels Leather Shoulder Bag. Designed with a long adjustable strap, this work handbag can be worn across the body or the shoulder, so you can easily mix up your style. Whether you prefer the quick access of a cross-body bag or you like the comfort of having your work handbag nestled under your arm, the adjustable strap allows you to tailor your bag to your own preferences.

They're Durable

The durability of your work handbag is important because it can often contain fragile equipment such as your phone, tablet and of course your precious lunch. All of these need to stay protected from heavy UK downpours or bumps and scratches from busy crowds. Zatchels Shoulder Bags are carefully handmade in England with real leather; leather has a multitude of benefits, it’s long-lasting and relatively low maintenance - two important considerations when investing in your next work handbag.

They're Stylish

Investing in a timeless style will last you years to come, and what’s more classic than a handmade leather shoulder bag? Zatchels Leather Shoulder Bag has an elegant, contemporary design that’s underpinned by high-quality expert craftsmanship.

Whether your go-to work outfit is a power suit or a spring-inspired floral dress you can’t go wrong with a hand stitched ladies work handbag. If you’re looking for a bag outside the expected neutral colour palette, you’re in for a treat! Zatchels offers a wide range of colours including yellow ochre and rose quartz.

They're Practical

Taking your work handbag home can often feel like you’re carrying a bag of rocks - heavy and uncomfortable. Made for daily use, the Zatchels Leather Shoulder Bag is lightweight and easy to use. Its versatile design offers lots of space to carry your belongings and its secure inside pocket is ideal for keeping your wallet and other valuables safe.

They're Secure

Open-top bags can be a commuter concern; the lack of barriers to your belongings could make you an easy target for thieves, especially in busy commuter crowds. The Zatchels Leather Shoulder bag helps to keep your valuables safe with a shiny nickel clasp and a secure inside pocket for your smaller prized possessions.