Nail Women's English Country Fashion With The Zatchels Collection

Women's English country fashion is on the rise because of the environmental benefits and focus on comfort, as well as the spotlight on the royal family (Kate Middleton is a women's English country fashion icon). Country outfits for women are usually the perfect balance between technicality, practicality and sophistication - they are built for a purpose. 

The recent movement to stop fast fashion outlined that 350,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill each year; as a result, we Brits are investing in high-quality pieces instead, and what clothing is more reliable than women's country fashion? Women's country fashion brands have been promoting, re-wearing and mending clothes for years, and more and more consumers are beginning to engage with this trend.

Looking to invest in country style women's clothing but unsure how to style pieces? We’re here to help! Whatever the occasion we have got you covered in this styling guide…

What is Women’s English Country Fashion?

Country style emerged in the 19th century, with waxed jackets and tweed being staples of the landed gentry. Prince Albert and the royal family had a big influence in bringing country fashion into the mainstream. When the Balmoral castle was built, Albert designed his own tweed for all of his employees on the estate. Inspired by the surrounding Scottish countryside, the tweed outfits and wax coats were propelled into the limelight of the fashion world. Today in the 21st century, country fashion for women has become a statement as major British country fashion brands stay in popular demand - worn by celebrities and royalty such as Lady Diana Spencer, Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller. 

One of the biggest fashion trends of 2022 is dark academia with over 25 million views on Tiktok. It takes inspiration from classic British styling boasting similarities to women's English country fashion. Resulting in the comeback of rich woollen crewneck sweaters, tweed blazers and dogtooth patterns. 

What To Wear For A Country Walk 

For a long walk in the countryside, you can’t go wrong with some women's country fashion staples. Pair a quilted jacket or gilet with a ruffled collared blouse and v-neck knitted jumper - all within muted tones of course! Accessorise with a floral head scarf and a timeless tweed handbag from the Zatchels Tweed Collection.

Our top pick would be the Midi Tweed Satchel for its reliability. Made to withstand the elements the satchel is designed with high-quality leather and wool; the wool is even handwoven, ecologically sound and non-allergenic. The tartan design is an easy way to incorporate women's English country fashion into any outfit and its concealed magnetic fastenings are perfect for keeping your essentials safe during your walk. 

Zatchels Tweed Collection in dark brown on a white background

What To Wear For A Evening In The Pub 

The best part of a traditional British pub is that you don’t have to get too dressed up to enjoy it. If you’re looking for country style women's clothing for a smart casual occasion we’d recommend a tweed or woollen long belted coat paired with a matching (olive with olive) or contrasting (black with white) roll-neck jumper. To complete the look, add a felt fedora hat and a quintessential British tartan cross-body bag. 

Zatchels’ Handmade Leather & Tweed Mobile Phone Pouch is the perfect lightweight accessory for drinks with friends. Available in an array of checked print designs to suit your style, the Handmade Leather Phone Pouch holds everything you need with specific slots for your phone and cards. 

tweed collection mobile phone pouch on a white background

What To Wear For A Sunday Lunch 

Women's English country fashion isn’t all about moleskin jackets and quilted coats; it's elegant and sophisticated. Try incorporating some of the key elements of women’s country style like tartan patterns or utility shapes for formal events. Kate Middleton does this perfectly with a statement coat dress or a sophisticated belted dress with a blouse-like top. You can even stick to a sleek monochrome number and add women’s country style with Zatchels’ Handmade Leather & Tweed Folio Case as a clutch bag. 

Handmade in England using leather from Scotland, the Zatchels Folio Case is of the highest quality to guarantee durability, breathability, and longevity. Designed with personal electronic devices and accessories in mind, the case fits an array of gadgets inside whilst its detachable hand strap effortlessly transforms the bag from a sophisticated case into a beautiful clutch bag. 

grey tweed collection folio case on a white background