Zatchels Customer Update - August 2020

Well, 2020 certainly hasn’t gone the way any of us expected it to, has it? We always knew this year was going to be eventful and require a lot of hard work but with remote working and various degrees of lockdown, the Zatchels team have had to overcome a few more challenges than we initially bargained for when we re-launched in January. Luckily for us, we love a challenge. 

You may wonder what a bag company like Zatchels does during a time when people are unable to travel (be it on holiday or to work) and you’ll be happy to hear that we have managed to keep ourselves busy. For instance, we spent a lot of time over the past few months sprucing up our new website and will be continuing to develop it further over the coming months. We hope that customers both new and old will find these regular updates helpful in making their shopping experience a pleasant one, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is any feedback you’d like to give.

As well as improving our digital storefront, we’ve also been working on other ways to provide better quality products and services to our customers. We would be here all day if we tried to cover them all, so we’ve decided to we’re going to stick to the 6 features that we’re most excited about.

New Zatchels Label1. New Woven Label On All Zatchels Bags

To mark the relaunch of the Zatchels brand and set our new products apart from the old, we’ve designed a new woven label that will sit prominently on the outside of all our bags. The front of the label features the word ‘Zatchels’ with a Union Flag, as we’re proud of the fact that our bags are handmade using Scottish Leather and traditional British manufacturing techniques, while the reverse has ‘’ written on it.

We believe that these striking label designs better reflect the new direction that Zatchels is heading in under its new ownership.

2. New Zatchels Certificate Of Authenticity

Handmade leather bags are considered by many to be premium products and the fact that Zatchels bags are made in Britain using British materials only reinforces this perception. Unfortunately, this means that our products are often imitated and people who want an authentic Zatchels bag end up paying for mass-produced fakes with none of the handmade charms.

New Zatchels Certificate Of Authenticity (Front & Back)

We aim to prevent this with the new Zatchels Certificate of Authenticity. With it, our customers will know that the bag they’ve bought is 100% authentic, thereby avoiding any potential disappointment.

3. Two new ways to verify your Zatchels Bag is a Real Zatchels Bag

Whether you have just bought a Zatchels bag or would like to ensure the authenticity of your existing one, there are now 2 new methods of verification:

  • Scan your unique QR code on the certificate to verify the authenticity and register your purchase
  • Go to, fill your unique bag number which can be found inside of your bag to register purchase (Applied to old and new customers).

Verifying your purchase will certify its authenticity and activate the life-time warranty, so it’s certainly worth taking the time to do.

Blue and red Zatchels Satchel side by side4. Upgraded Metalic Components With A New Antioxidant Coating

We’re always trying to improve the quality of our bags, which is why we’ve recently started using a new antioxidant coating that improves the longevity and durability of our bags. Our new antioxidant coating affords greater protection and wards against corrosion and rust without negatively impacting cost or compromising the aesthetics of our bags.

Frankly, we think all our customers will agree that switching to this antioxidant coating was a no-brainer.

5. Upgraded Push-Lock Fastenings & Handles For Sugarcube Bags

While it may not seem like a major change, we’re really pleased with the new push-lock fastenings for our range of Sugarcube Bags. We designed these stylish leather bags to be the perfect fusion of form and function, so the fact these new fastenings are superior in terms of both style and substance meant we just had to have them!

2 Zatchels Sugarcube Bags Side By Side

What’s more, the handle has been redesigned so that it sits more comfortably in its owner’s hand, even when heavy and full. We also think that it makes that it makes the overall bag look more aesthetically pleasing.

6. Augmented Clutch Bags With Rivets

Another seemingly minor change that makes a whole world of difference, all Zatchels clutch bags now feature rivets on the front and rear. Not only do these enhance the already-attractive aesthetics of our clutch bag range, but they also improve the strength and longevity. Talk about a win/win!