What Makes Zatchels Handmade Leather Bags Stand Out?

Zatchels has been through a lot since it was established back in 2011. As the brand approaches its10th anniversary in 2021, we thought we’d share some insight into what has made Zatchels handmade leather bags stand out over the past decade.

Handmade in England

One of our key values here at Zatchels is that all of our bags are handmade in England using traditional techniques and high-quality British leather, supplied by Clyde Leather.

The benefit of having a handmade leather bag from Zatchels is that you can be sure that the bag that you purchased has been made with care and that nobody will have exactly the same as you.

By personally making Zatchels handmade leather bags we can ensure that the most exceptional craftsmanship has been put into each of our items. Producing bags on a production line was not an option for us as we wanted to add our own touch and personality to each of the bags, which couldn't have been achieved without our wonderful team of craftspeople.


As well as Zatchels Handmade Leather bags being created by members of the team, you can add your own unique touch by customising these to suit your style.

Customisable Zatchels Oxblood Red Handmade Leather Satchel

A great customisable feature to most of Zatchels handmade leather bags is engraving. Whether this is engraving a bag you are purchasing for yourself or as a gift, for only an extra £10 it's a no brainer to add your own message. Perhaps you could engrave a special date, your name or a few inspirational words to make the bag personal to you or your loved one.

We offer the ability to add magnetic fastenings to make it easier for you to access your bag quickly without having to undo the buckle each time. This feature is able to be added to the barrel bags, saddle bags, and classic satchels.

Additionally to this feature, our original bag, the classic satchel has the option of adding a satchel handle and backpack straps, meaning that you can create the perfect most suitable bag for you giving you multiple ways of carrying your Zatchels handmade leather bag.


We briefly mentioned the many ways that you can carry your classic satchel by personalising with the additional features of the backpack straps and the satchel handle, this provides you with a versatile style that can be carried in different ways to best suit you at the time.For example, the backpack straps can be really useful if you have young children running around the park and you need to easily carry your bag around with you without it falling off your shoulder each time you run after them.

As well as this, the classic styles lend themselves to suit all styles and can be used from the day time through to the night.

Classic & Traditional Style

The classic style of Zatchels handmade leather bags offer something for everybody, whether you love a backpack, a classic satchel or a saddle bag, they are all designed with the classic look of each style of bag, with Zatchels own handmade touch.


At Zatchels we guarantee our bags are made with highest quality leather and with the utmost care, that should your bag require any repairs these are offered free of charge.

The durability of Zatchels handmade leather bags and handmade leather satchels are an important part of our design process, as we understand the pain of bad quality bags and aim for our bags to last you a lifetime.

Zatchels Pastel Daffodil Yellow Handmade Leather Barrel BagA Style For Everybody

Although we originally started with our classic handmade leather satchels, we wanted to make sure that we had a variety of styles and colours to suit everybody. So if somebody was looking for a bag to stand out from the crowd, or somebody else was looking for a subtle saddle bag to use for work there was something for everyone to choose from.

Not only that, but we also considered the different uses people may need a bag for, so created many bags with this in mind should people want to carry a laptop in their bag or just the essentials, wallet, phone keys etc, there is a bag for every different need.

We’d love to know what makes your Zatchels handmade leather bags stand out from the rest of your bag collection, so make sure to leave us a review on Google or Facebook today