Handbag Vs Backpack - Which Is Best For Work?

Without the right bag, carrying your belongings to work can be a real pain. You’ll often have a lot of essentials that you need to bring into work, such as laptop, notebooks, phone, purse (and those all important snacks of course!). What if carrying your belongings to work could be made a whole lot easier by the style of bag you choose? Deciding between a handbag vs backpack could make a big difference to your working day. In this article we are going to take a look at handbags vs backpacks and which of these is best for work. So, if you’re struggling to decide between a handbag vs backpacks, take some time to consider the following factors.


When it comes to deciding between a handbag vs backpack, the first factor to consider is comfort. Do you find it more comfortable carrying your belongings on your back, or are you comfortable carrying them on your shoulder? This is likely to be influenced by the amount of belongings that you need to carry, and the length of your commute. As a general rule of thumb, backpacks will offer better support for your back than shoulder bags, and so if you’re carrying heavier loads, or have a longer commute in your day, then a backpack is probably the best option for you. The straps on our Handmade Leather City Backpacks are made from soft, fine leather and are fully adjustable for enhanced comfort, offering support for your back throughout the working day. Equally, if you get tired of carrying your belongings on your back then you can detach the strap and wear the bag cross body as a backpack style handbag. This means that with the City Backpack you don’t have to choose between a handbag vs backpack, as you’ve found a bag that does both!

woman wearing handmade leather city backpack in iced coffee


How many belongings do you bring into work? This is an important question to ask yourself when deciding between handbags vs backpacks. If you carry lunch, water bottle, laptop, charges and other specialist equipment, then a backpack may be the better option for you in terms of offering support for your back. However, if you prefer the style of a shoulder bag, then Zatchels have plenty of handmade leather handbags that can fit a laptop and other electronic accessories comfortably. For example, the Zatchels Handmade Leather Satchel can comfortably accommodate laptops and tablets up to 15 inches in size. On the other hand, if you’re simply popping into work for a quick meeting and don’t need to bring many belongings, the Zatchels Leather Folio Case is a compact solution for a work bag. Featuring a practical carry strap, the large Leather Folio Case can carry notebooks and tablets up to 13” in size, alongside their supporting accessories.This is a great option if you’re struggling to decide between a handbag vs backpack and need something a little smaller.

person placing belongings in a handmade leather satchel in red


The best work bags are both practical and stylish. When deciding between a handbag vs backpack it’s important to consider the kind of style that you would like to complement your work looks. When looking at handbags vs backpacks, traditionally backpacks have been considered a more practical and less stylish option than handbags, however this isn’t the case with a Zatchels Handmade Leather Backpack. Featuring a contemporary shape, our Leather City Backpacks are made from fine quality leather featuring matching cable stitching and silver nickel buckles. Accommodating a diverse range of styles, our backpacks are available in a wide range of colours from classic black or chestnut brown to daffodil yellow or pastel pink.

woman sat on a bench holding leather city backpack in yellow and aura bag in baby blue

Equally, if you feel that a shoulder bag would better complement your favourite work outfit, Zatchels have plenty of options for shoulder bag loyalists. Classic in style, the Handmade Leather Satchel is a timeless option for work that features neat stitching detail and silver nickel buckles. Another great work bag is the Handmade Leather Tote Bag or Handmade Leather Shopper. These handmade leather bags are perfect for complementing more casual work looks and feature spacious inner compartments that make it easy to access belongings conveniently.

woman carrying a handmade leather shopper in ivy green stood in front of a brick wall

If you’d like a little more help deciding between a handbag vs backpack, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team who will be more than happy to advise you on the best work bags to suit your requirements.