How To Create A Minimalist Wardrobe

An astonishing three hundred thousand tonnes of clothes are thrown away in the UK each year, so what better time to embrace a capsule wardrobe than now? A minimalist wardrobe takes the stress out of your mornings by narrowing your focus and saving you time whilst minimising spending and reducing wastage. If a capsule wardrobe is something you’re considering, we’re here to help! Read our 5 top tips on how to create a minimalist wardrobe…

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe? 

A capsule wardrobe is made up of a minimal number of pieces that you can mix and match to create endless outfit combinations. Minimalist wardrobes contain a few staple pieces that defy trends and seasons, such as a basic white t-shirt, leather handbag or straight-leg jeans. What you include in your collection is all dependent on your preferences and style. 

It can be easy to get swept up in the latest trends, so to keep you on track we’ve shared our tips on how to create a minimalist wardrobe and how to stick to it…

Tip 1: Quality Over Quantity 

Part of creating a capsule wardrobe includes intentionally purchasing higher-quality staples. High-quality fashion is created using thicker, durable fabrics with superior craftsmanship for long-lasting wear and comfort. For example, instead of buying multiple cheap plastic handbags that are likely to go out of fashion and fall apart over time, you should invest in a hardwearing handmade leather handbag. 

Zatchels pink classic satchel placed on wall

When creating a minimalist wardrobe we’d recommend picking a versatile handbag such as a leather tote bag. A stylish tote bag will take your outfit from day to night effortlessly and has room for just about everything. Zatchels Handmade Leather Shopper is the perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe; practical and timeless this chic bag is made from the best quality leather. It features a spacious interior and double grab handles for a comfortable and efficient style.

Woman carrying Zatchels leather tote bag stood against wooden door

Tip 2: Set A Spending Budget

One of the biggest steps in how to create a minimalist wardrobe is admitting you have too much clothing. Next, you can generate some income from selling your clothes on sites such as Vinted or Depop; alternatively, you can donate or recycle them. 

Now it may be tempting to head on a shopping spree once you’ve cleared space, that’s why it's so important to set a strict low-spending budget each month to ensure you’re not buying pieces you don’t need.

Tip 3: Avoid The Sale Rack

Did you know sale signs are red to encourage faster and more forceful actions, in other words, impulse purchases? We’ve all been there, you’ve come home from a frantic sale with a neon top that’s not in your size. When thinking about how to create a minimalist wardrobe, in order to avoid adding unwanted and uncomfortable items to your collection we’d avoid sales in general. 

Tip 4: Break The Habit 

The no.1 reason we impulse buy is that it makes us feel good but that burst of happiness is short-lasting. It takes 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic. So, to break a shopping habit, unsubscribe from marketing emails and set yourself a no-buy challenge. During this challenge, take inspiration from your capsule wardrobe to create new and exciting outfits.

Tip 5: Care For Your Clothes

Knowing how to create a minimalist wardrobe is one thing, knowing how to maintain it is another thing. Prolong the life of your minimalist wardrobe by storing clothes with care and consideration between wearings. For example, knitwear should be laid flat and folded along the seams. 

Between seasons, ensure your clothes are kept away from light and moisture in airtight bags - it’s a great idea to have a capsule wardrobe per season that you rotate. The easiest way of all to care for your clothes? Carefully follow the washing instructions on the inside label. 

A Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 

  1. Simple White T-Shirt 
  2. Handmade Leather Tote
  3. Fitted Trouser 
  4. Blue Jeans 
  5. Structured Blazer 
  6. Trench Coat 
  7. Black Leggings 
  8. Vest Top 
  9. Maxi Skirt 
  10. Leather Jacket
  11. Slip Dress 
  12. White Shirt