How To Store Handbags In A Small Space

If you’re tight on space, trying to store your growing collection of handbags can be a challenge. However, with the right bag organisation ideas, it’s easy to store your handbags compactly, creating a tidier space whilst helping to preserve the life of your favourite accessories. These are our top ideas for how to store handbags in a small space:

Nest Smaller Bags In Larger Bags

If you’re looking for a quick fix when thinking about how to store handbags in a small space, then this idea is perfect for you. Nesting your smaller bags inside your larger bags not only saves on space, but also helps to keep the larger handbags upright, preventing them from creasing or losing their shape. For example, you could store multiple clutch bags inside a tote bag. This is a quick fix for storing your favourite bags, however one that does the job perfectly.

woman holding Zatchels handmade leather shopper in green stood in front of a wall

Hang Bags On Wall Hooks

If you’re struggling with how to store handbags in a small space, one of the issues that you may have is a lack of cupboard or drawer space. That’s why one of the best bag organisation ideas for small spaces is to hang your bags on hooks on the wall. Find some pretty wall hooks that complement the decor of the room, and create a pretty display of your handbags on the wall. This way, you’re removing the need for cupboard space, whilst also creating a decorative feature in the room.

Store Clutch Bags In A Magazine Holder

Clutch bags might be small, but if you have a lot of them they can soon cause a mess. This is a genius hack for keeping your clutch bags neat, tidy and easily accessible, whilst saving on space. Lining your clutch bags up in a magazine holder keeps them upright, enabling you to pick out the perfect accessory to match your outfit. You don’t need to use a magazine holder, any storage rack with separators will work just as well. If you only have a few clutch bags to store, you could even use a toast rack!

woman holding lilac clutch bag stood in front of a pink wall

Display Bags On A Wall Shelf

Another great tip for how to store handbags in a small space is displaying them on a wall shelf. This is another smart idea for small rooms that lack cupboard space and storage. Storing your favourite handbags on a shelf is the perfect way to keep them vertical, ensuring that they maintain their shape. It’s also an opportunity to show off your favourite accessories proudly. If you don’t want to drill into the walls, a bookshelf works just as effectively.

Hang Your Handbags On Your Wardrobe Door

This hack for how to store handbags in a small space involves maximising the room available in your wardrobe. If your wardrobe is already packed full to the brim of clothes then why not use the door for your accessories? You can buy over the door hooks to hang your handbags from. This keeps them neat and organised, whilst providing a compact solution if you’re struggling with how to store handbags in a small space.