How To Accessorize Your Bag Like A Pro

True style is all about letting your personality shine through, and your favourite handbag should be no exception to this! With this in mind, you may be wondering how to accessorize your bag so that it reflects your individual style more clearly. Alternatively, perhaps you’re looking to give an old bag a new lease of life? Either way, the following blog contains all the tips you need to know when accessorizing your favourite bags. Here’s how to accessorize your bag like a pro:

Add a Charm

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to accessorize your bag is to add charms. Simple and sophisticated, our Tassel Bag Charms are perfect for adding another dimension to a classic satchel or work bag. You can also accessorize your bag with our Mini Coin Purse Charm, that not only looks funky but is incredibly practical for accessing change quickly and easily. Alternatively, why not add a splash of colour with one of our Pride Charms that feature the colours of the iconic Pride rainbow flag? There’s plenty of choice to suit your style.

Think About Engraving

There’s a bag with your name on it waiting just around the corner… quite literally! Looking to make your bag more personal? Engraving is another great option to consider when talking about how to accessorize your bag. At Zatchels, we offer engraving for our handmade leather bags, so you can make your bag personal to you, or treat a loved one to a special and thoughtful gift. The engraving is available in a variety of fonts to suit your individual taste and to complement the exact style of your bag.

Tie A Scarf

Everyone has that one scarf that sits in their wardrobe catching dust. Why not use it to accessorize your bag? Simply tie it to the front or handles of the bag to add an instant flair of style. Our Sugarcube handmade leather bags are an excellent choice if you are planning to accessorize your bag with a scarf, as the clutch handles provide an easy point for tying the scarf. Silk scarfs are a great option for creating a contrast of materials. You can also accessorize your bag according to the time of year. For example, you could add a bright floral scarf for summer or a bright red scarf for the festive Christmas season.

banner showing Sugarcube handmade leather handbag in blue, red and brown

Switch Up The Straps

Colourful or patterned straps are another great way to accessorize your bag. Zatchels bags come with detachable straps making it easy to switch up your style as and when you choose. Switching a plain strap for a patterned or colourful strap is an easy way to transform an everyday work bag into a fun weekend or evening bag. This is a great way to accessorize your bag whilst adding colour and pattern to complete your favourite looks.

Ultimately, there’s no rules when it comes to talking about how to accessorize your bag so don’t be afraid to get creative and let your personality shine!