Say Hello To Spring 2022 With Pretty Pastel Fashion!

Pastels represent all the brightness and positivity of spring. They’ve made a big comeback on the fashion scene in 2022, and not just for their pretty appearance. You might be surprised to hear that there is actually a little science behind why we gravitate so naturally towards pastels in fashion. In fact, their softness and colourful undertones are said to inspire feelings of calm, serenity and happiness - That’s certainly a colour palette we can get behind!

In addition to their positive associations with serenity and calmness, these colours are also a popular fashion choice due to their ability to be paired with pretty much anything. The tones are soft and understated, providing a subtle hint of colourful brightness without being overbearing. This makes them perfect for complementing other textures, patterns and tones. This was recognised by Pantone in 2016, when for the first time ever, they chose to pair two tones as their iconic ‘Colour of the Year’. The pairing was made up of two pastels  - ‘Rose Quartz’, a soft pink colour, and ‘Serenity’, a gorgeous, soft blue shade. 

So, as you can imagine there’s lots of freedom within pastel fashion. As the tones are so complementary, there are numerous ways to pair pastel clothing and accessories. These are just a few of our favourite pastel fashion ideas for creating spring-inspired outfits:

Go Monochrome

Make a pretty statement this spring by embracing monochrome pastel fashion. Pulling this off is easy. Simply choose your favourite shade and follow it through for your entire outfit. Due to the nature of this colour palette as being soft and understated, this pastel fashion idea makes a subtle statement without being too much. Just remember to follow it through to your shoes and your handbag. At Zatchels we have a range of pastel handmade leather handbags to complete your look, such as the Sugarcube in soft pink, or the Aura in baby blue

Zatchels Aura Handmade Leather Handbag in baby blue placed on a tree branch

Pair With Denim

Denim always looks great when paired with pastel fashion. This is one of the most simple ideas to pull off, but one that will always create stunning final looks. The blue hue of denim is perfect for calming down the popping colour of pastels, whilst providing a gorgeous contrast of textures. This is a great combination for creating a laid back, everyday look with the hints of brightness that we love about pastel fashion. However you could also dress the look up by adding heels and a leather clutch bag, to create a chic evening outfit.

Zatchels Micro Leather Satchels and Clutch Bags in pastel violet and pastel blue arranged on a pastel blue and neutral background

Pair Pastel Accessories With A Basic Outfit

Pastel fashion isn’t all about committing to wearing head-to-toe pastel clothing. That’s why one of our favourite pastel fashion ideas for uplifting any look is pairing pastel accessories with a neutral outfit. This is the perfect way to lift a lowkey look, whilst adding a fun splash of colour. Hats, belts, earrings and headbands are all great additions, and of course don’t forget to find the perfect pastel handbag. Make a fun statement with our Kaleidoscope collection, or choose your perfect formal or casual handbag available in a range of pastel hues.

Kaleidoscope City Backpack on a shelf with cactus ornaments and a pink desk lamp

Pair With Other Pastels

As we mentioned a little earlier on, one of the reasons that pastel fashion is so popular is because the soft shades are so easy to pair together. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that one of the best springtime looks involves pairing different shades together. The beauty of pastel fashion is that you won’t experience harsh clashes like you do with bold, primary colours. This gives you the freedom to style a look in many different ways. One of our favourite combinations is pastel pink and purple. For a gorgeous, everyday spring look, the Handmade Leather Satchel in pastel violet looks stunning when paired with denim jeans and a pastel pink top. 

Handmade Leather Satchel in pastel violet on a grey stand