Top 5 Benefits Of Buying A Handmade Leather Bag

With so many handbags and backpacks out there, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect one to suit your requirements. Like many other shoppers who are searching for a bag that is durable, unique and sustainable, you may be considering buying a handmade leather bag. These are just a few of the main benefits of choosing a handmade leather bag as opposed to shopping from the high street:


We all love a bargain, however the drawback of buying cheaper, high street bags is that they don’t tend to last very long. This means that they’ll most likely need replacing regularly, resulting in you having to fork out more money for a replacement. A handmade leather bag on the other hand is built to last using carefully selected materials and construction methods. At Zatchels we select fine quality leather to handcraft our bags. Each bag is custom made to ensure that it lives up to our meticulous quality standards, and will last for years to come.


An important benefit of a Zatchels handmade leather bag being so durable is that it is also more sustainable. Rather than needing to replace the bag regularly, it will last you for a great number of years - not only is this good for the planet, it’s also good for your wallet. In addition to this, all our bags are handcrafted in England. Cheaper handbags on the other hand need replacing more regularly, contributing to the ongoing issue of fast fashion. The mass production methods that are used to make many high street bags also releases a lot of pollution into the environment, alongside any artificial chemicals or treatments that may be used. 


A leather handbag is a timeless investment that will remain relevant through changing fashion trends. Take our classic satchel for example. Timeless in design, our satchel is available in a range of different colours to make use as the perfect work bag, school bag, travel bag, or as a stylish and practical bag for running errands. There are plenty of different handmade leather bags available for different uses and styles from the Zatchels collection from our  city backpack, to our clutch bags, barrel bags and saddle bags.


Who wants a bag that everyone else has got? One of the main benefits of choosing handmade is that you’ll have a unique item that no one else has got. Every Zatchels bag is handmade to order by our small team in Leicester, and in addition to this, we offer a variety of options for personalising your handmade leather bag. This includes engraving your name, initials or a special message, or adding bespoke features, such as swapping buckles for magnetic fastenings. There are plenty of colour options to choose from, however if you can’t find the exact colour you’d like for your handbag, please do get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements. 


Another really important benefit of buying a handmade leather bag that’s often overlooked, is that it’s really comfortable to carry! The perfect handbag or backpack should prioritise both comfort and style and a handmade leather bag does just that. This is largely due to the softness and flexibility of high quality leather, as well as the carefully crafted design features that come with buying handmade. With many Zatchels handmade leather bags, you also have the option to add a strap slider in order to further enhance comfort.