Zatchels’ 3 Best Bags For Commuting To Work

The days of sitting at the same desk and logging into a desktop computer are long gone in most sectors. As flexible work patterns have grown in popularity, many employees find their working week split between home and the office and this means that a lot of equipment has to be transported between the two locations on a regular basis. The best bags for commuting to work are required to manage this shift in a comfortable and stylish manner.

At the very minimum, the best bags for commuting to work will be able to keep your laptop safe and secure. However, you should also think about other ways that your bag can make your working life easier. Is your bag hard-wearing enough? Will it look good with your favourite office outfits? With these considerations in mind, we’ve selected our three best bags for commuting to work so that you can arrive at the office in style.

City Backpack

You can’t go wrong with a trusty backpack when commuting to work as being able to carry all of your belongings on your back is hugely beneficial when heading into the office. The Zatchels handmade leather city backpack is specially designed for the needs of busy individuals, with the plus size perfect for commuters. As well as featuring a generous interior pocket perfect for laptops and notebooks, this leather backpack also includes a neat exterior pocket great for keeping belongings organised and easily accessible on the go. 

Another feature that makes our city backpack one of the best bags for commuting to work is the adjustable straps. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your bag is too heavy or digging in when you’re walking between locations or waiting on train platforms, but the fully adjustable traps can be tailored to your own comfort with easy-to-use sliders. 

If you want to stand out amongst your colleagues, you can choose from a great variety of bright colours including yellow, green and red. Alternatively, the Zatchels leather backpack is available as part of our executive collection for a truly premium finish certain to wow in the boardroom. 

Leather Tote Bag

Heading into the office is the perfect opportunity to leave the sweats at home and dress up a little bit, so you’ll want a bag that compliments your carefully crafted office chic. The sleek and stylish appearance of our leather tote bags is just one of the many reasons why these bags are the best for commuting to work. Available in a range of colours, the Cafe Noir and Rose Truffle are two of our workwear favourites. 

Style aside, the Zatchels leather tote bag is complete with all of the functionality you require as a commuter. The super spacious interior offers ample storage space for everything you need at work plus plenty of space for your journey essentials like a book and headphones. The interior also comes complete with a secure zipped inside pocket that is perfect for transporting important documents or safely stowing away your purse and phone on public transport.

Just like the rest of the Zatchels collection, the leather tote bag is handcrafted in England using high-quality leather. Our production methods ensure that this tote bag for work is as hard-wearing as you need it to be without compromising on attention to detail and craftsmanship. 

Handmade Leather Satchel

We had no qualms about choosing the last bag on our list of the best bags for commuting to work. Our handmade leather satchels have everything you need to survive the working day, from a spacious inner compartment to versatile straps that can transform your bag into a backpack if you need to spread the weight. 

The timeless design of a Zatchels leather satchel makes them a popular pick for both men and women and a choice that is sure to stand the test of time. It’s not just the design that is built to last either, as the quality of Zatchels leather really stands out and offers durability and longevity to stop you from worrying about whether your bag will make it into the office in one piece. 

There are tons of great colours to choose from and you can pick a size that suits your requirements best. We’d suggest the standard 16” satchel if you’re heading into work on a regular basis as this bag provides plenty of space for your laptop but will still fit neatly by your feet or on your lap when you’re on the way into work for the day. 

If you’d like any more information about our handmade leather bags, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who can help you choose the best bag for commuting to work in no time.