5 Reasons A Zatchels Tote Bag Is The Perfect Bag For Uni

For most university students, it’s time to say goodbye to the long summer break and begin the next chapter of their education or head back to campus and settle in for the upcoming year. Whether you’re a fresher or have lived in the library for a number of years now, there are a few key items that you’ll want sorted before your timetable really gets going. The right room decor, a reliable laptop and some tasty groceries are all essentials, but to tackle the bustling world of university life from day one, you’ll need the right bag for uni too.

From lugging around textbooks to storing your laptop and lunch when on campus all day, your choice of bag needs to be practical and stylish. While we think that all Zatchels handmade leather bags meet these criteria, it’s Zatchels Tote Bags that have really caught our eye this year. Available as both shoppers and a classic tote style, these bags offer the perfect blend of functionality and fashion. Here’s why a Zatchels Tote Bag is undeniably the perfect bag for uni.

They're Spacious

Sure, any old tote bag for uni will do if you just want to sling your belongings over your shoulder and get moving. However, spending all day away from halls or your house requires a number of belongings and you’ll want to guarantee that your bag can store everything you need. 

From bulky textbooks to notebooks, a laptop and even your gym gear for an after-lecture session, Zatchels Tote Bags can handle it all. With a deceptively roomy interior, you need not worry about looking like you’re heading off on an expedition, but equally will benefit from ample space to carry everything you need for a productive day.

They're Versatile

University life is fast-paced and unpredictable. One minute you might be at a seminar, then spontaneously out with friends. This means that versatility is key in a university bag as you don’t want to be caught short with an accessory that isn’t suitable for your next event or occasion.

The classic and timeless design of Zatchels Tote Bags provides the complete versatility required for the student lifestyle, and with generous but comfortable carry straps you can simply pop the bag on your shoulder and whizz from studying to socialising with ease.

They Stand Out

Any student will be well aware that fashion is a big talking point on campus. Finding ways to stand out amongst the crowd on a student budget can be tricky though, and keeping up with fast fashion trends is near impossible when you’ve got a loan to budget and assignments to worry about. 

An easy way to add a personal touch to your uni outfits is to ensure that your staple items stand out, and a Zatchels Tote bag helps you do just that. From our bright pride collection tote to the sleek rose quartz shopper, we offer a tote bag for uni that is sure to complement every kind of style and preference. In fact, all of our bags are available in any colour on the Zatchels site and you can also opt to further personalise your bag with engraving to guarantee that nobody else has a bag quite like yours.

They're Secure

Many of the belongings you need at uni can be quite valuable and the busy nature of university campuses means that it’s important to keep these items safe. The last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your belongings, which is why the Zatchels Tote Bag comes equipped with magnetic fastenings and a zipped inside pocket. With these secure storage features, you can be sure that you have chosen the perfect bag for uni this year.

They're Long-Lasting

New students will be surprised just how quickly daily use can wear away at your bag when at university. While it can be tempting to keep the costs down and opt for a cheap but cheerful option when shopping for the best bag for uni, it’s much more worthwhile to invest in something high-quality that will stand the test of time. 

Like the rest of the Zatchels range, our tote bags are handmade from British leather which is much more durable than cheap nylon or canvas. This means that your Zatchels Tote Bag will accompany you through your entire university journey and even beyond.