Zatchels Bag Spotlight: The Pastel Kaleidoscope Collection

At Zatchels, we love nothing more than creating new beautiful collections that can be loved by everyone. So far we have Zebra Print collection, Little Horrors collection, Animal Handbag collection, British Edit collection, Gingham Bag collection and also the Pride Bag collection. Today we are focusing on our Pastel Kaleidoscope collection, these beautiful pastel satchels have each panel cut from different leather to create a real kaleidoscope of colour, making sure you stay colourful all year round.

Pastel Kaleidoscope Handmade Leather Satchels

The first bags in our pastel kaleidoscope collection are our range of handmade leather satchels. As part of this collection, we have 3 different size satchels available: micro satchel, the midi satchel and our standard size satchel. They are all perfect for day to day use, ensuring you have plenty of space for everything you need.

Each panel on the satchel, no matter what the size, is cut from a different shade of pastel leather to create a real kaleidoscope of colour. This unique bag is set off by white hand stitching to complete the look. Featuring an adjustable leather shoulder strap and a functional top handle. They simply are a must-have to brighten up any wardrobe.

Pastel Kaleidoscope Handmade Leather Barrel Bag

Our fantastic multicoloured barrel bag is carefully handmade in England from the best quality leather, using traditional British expert craftsmanship, like all of our Zatchels bags. Barrel bags are perfect for someone who is on the go and to look stylish, but can not carry an abundance of belongings. There are two sizes available with the dimensions of:

  • Small Size - Width: 15cm, Height: 16cm, Depth: 10.5cm
  • Plus Size - Width: 19.5cm, Height: 20cm, Depth: 11.5cm

Our pastel kaleidoscope collection barrel bags are complete with a magnetic fastener to help keep your contents safe and secure as possible.

Pastel Kaleidoscope Collection Novelty Bags

We love nothing more than creating fun handbags that you can love and jazz up any outfit with! In our pastel kaleidoscope collection, we have the two fabulous novelty bags, the daisy leather bag and the Jack Rabbit handmade leather bag. These bags are amazing and unique like no other, with guaranteed head turns when you are out. Even though they look fabulous, you do not have to compromise on their practicalities. Both novelty bags are secure with a popper to keep your belongings safe and also come along with an adjustable strap from 108cm to 130cm or a shorter adjustable strap from 98cm to 110cm so that is comfortable for you to wear it.

Pastel Kaleidoscope Handmade Leather City Backpack

This fantastic pastel kaleidoscope city backpack is carefully handmade in England from the best quality leather, using traditional British expert craftsmanship. Our city backpack collection is a must-have addition to your wardrobe to compliment your favourite look.

You can also use our pastel kaleidoscope leather city backpack that can also be used as a work bag, to fit in a laptop or could even be used as a school bag.

  • Small Size - Width: 10", Height: 11.5", Depth: 4"
  • Plus Size - Width: 11", Height: 13.5", Depth: 4"

If you have a question about any of our Zatchels bags, please feel free to contact us via our website or send us a message on Facebook